Learn about all life has to offer. Become a Foster Parent. Meet the McCoys
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Learn about all life has to offer. Become a Foster Parent. Meet the Riveras

The McCoys

Trewlaney McCoy has been a foster parent since 2000, and she is proof that one woman can do it all.

Trewlaney was a single mother with one daughter when she got involved, and since she started she has adopted 7 children - two sibling groups - from foster care. “I think once I meet the children, I fall in love with them right then and there,” she says.

She has taught her children the importance in helping each other. There is a 10 year difference between her oldest and youngest, so the older children look after their younger siblings and the entire family works as a team.

Trewlaney's story has been inspirational for many people. In fact, she was named one of four finalists in ABC's Live with Kelly and Michael's "Unstoppable Moms" contest in 2013. Her hard work and dedication to her family is truly inspiring.


Pauline and her partner became foster parents to provide a safe space for children and teens in the LGBTQ+ community. According to Pauline, “children need a place where they feel like they are loved, no matter what their background.”

Pauline has been a foster parent for seven years; in that time she has fostered 14 kids and adopted 3 of them. Many of those kids were given shelter and protection by Pauline from homophobic and harmful environments.

The Riveras

Wanda and Eddie Rivera have been licensed foster parents since 1981. The Riveras have 2 biological children and 4 adopted children. They absolutely love being foster parents.

The Riveras have found a great balance in their home. Their children vary in age, so the older kids help with the younger children. The Rivera's favorite part of foster parenting is seeing the growth and development of the children in their care.

The couple is always willing to take in new foster children, even when their house is full. Wanda says that she would do anything to ensure a child has a home. They know how very important it is that every child has a safe and loving home.

Although their children know that they are adopted, that does not change the incredibly strong family bond that is felt inside the Rivera household. Wanda says, "Once they enter our home, they're part of our family."


Melanie has been a foster parent since 1996. In her 22 years of being a foster parent, Melanie has provided shelter to dozens of children — taking each child in for days, weeks, months, or even years at a time.

Melanie's open heart is reflected in her open-home. In her own words, “my house stays open. Anybody can always come back, whether they're foster or not.”

As a testament to her dedication, Melanie (a single mother) has adopted 7 of the children she has fostered over the years.

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